How to Look Beautiful and Stylish While Pregnant

Before, pregnant women were only used to wearing huge lousy shirts. Nowadays, pregnancy is no longer a hindrance for women to still look good and fabulous. There are already a lot of maternity clothes stores out there that offer stylish and trendy outfit for pregnant women. You can buy pretty clothes that you can wear during special occasions and simple gatherings.

The first few months of pregnancy does not require you to shop for a whole new set of wardrobe as you can still use the clothes that you used to wear. But after the first trimester, your regular clothing may no longer work for you. This is the time when most pregnant women tend to forget fashion and they no longer care about how they look.

To avoid this dilemma, here are some ideas on how you can be fashionable and sexy despite your big belly.

1. The Hippie Look. Having a trendy and hippie style of clothing can make you look younger. You can wear skirts with ethnic designs or yoke dresses. Loose, airy tunics look great with a cute cardigan or caplet to cover your shoulders. For a more stylish look, you can pair it with a large belt under your belly. Empire-cut or baby-doll dresses paired with maternity jeans will surely make you look great.

2. Use accessories. Accentuate your get-up by using some accessories such as a bolero jacket with colors that match your dress. This will give emphasis to your shoulders and bust. For bohemian style, you can wear shawls for a more flattering look. A halter neckline will emphasize your neck and arms.

3. Avoid using underwire bras. When you are pregnant, your breasts will automatically become larger in size. Do not use bra with underwire as it may only hurt your bust. You may use instead a thick shelf bra or a sports bra for a greater support, as you grow bigger.

4. Wear maternity jeans. Pregnant women nowadays can already wear denim jeans as there are already a lot of maternity clothing stores out there that offer denim jeans specially designed for your big belly. You can choose from among the many styles of maternity jeans whichever is perfectly fitted for you.

5. Buy clothes that are multi-functional. Because you will only be using your maternity clothes for a few months, it is not very practical to buy lots of it. You can buy instead clothes that you can convert from t-shirt for the day to a tunic for evening gatherings.

With regards to the fabric, you can choose to have wool, cotton, charmeuse, or chiffon. It is also important to choose the right size of clothes for you.

6. Avoid clothes that show too much of your skin. While some celebrities reveal their growing belly in public, it will not always work for most women. Choose very well the clothes, which you are comfortable wearing and stay as beautiful and stylish as you can be.

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