Encourage Your Daughter to Feel Beautiful and Comfortable in Her Own Skin

In the age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites, image seems to be everything. If girls from a few generations back had problems feeling confident about themselves once they see reed-thin models or Hollywood celebrities walking down the red carpet, there is even more pressure for young girls these days to look a certain way. Aside from peer pressure, the constant exposure to self-portraits of pouting girls on social networking sites make them feel as if they should look and act that way, too.

As a parent, the issue that you would be dealing with related to this is making your daughter feel beautiful and comfortable in her own skin. Here, we will take a look at the ways that you can encourage your daughter to feel beautiful and happy with exactly how she looks.

Helping Young Girls Feel Good about Themselves

During your daughter’s preschool or kindergarten years, it is but natural for her not to feel too conscious about how she looks due to her young age. It’s also during this age that everyone seems to treat her like a princess, so she definitely feels like one, too. But once your child reaches that crucial stage of being in between childhood and a teenager, that is when she begins to have issues with her face and body.

If she’s a bit heavyset or has a different complexion than others, she may not feel as beautiful as she should. If she sees a Hollywood celebrity wearing skin tight clothes and looking attractive in it, she might feel lacking if she does not have the same body type. These are perceptions that you would have the chance to change as a parent, simply by helping your daughter feel good about exactly how she is built and how she looks. Here are a few more tips on how you can achieve this feat:

• Practice what you preach!
There is probably no woman in the world who does not have something that she does not like about her body – especially once she starts comparing herself with others. But if you have an impressionable young daughter, do not let her see you frowning over the figures on your bathroom weighing scale. Do not make comments about how conscious you are of your own looks, because she might follow suit and have her own insecurities with her body or her looks.

• Encourage your daughter to have fun with clothes and yes, makeup.
Girls naturally veer towards fashion and makeup – and it’s perfectly fine to encourage them to have fun with it. However, you should still stress that natural beauty is the way to go and cosmetics are a simple way to highlight one’s own features.

• Highlight the importance of beauty from within.
This may sound like a cliché but if you would like your daughter to feel comfortable in her own skin, you should highlight the importance of beauty from within. Tell her about how each and every woman is made differently – but it does not mean that she should be insecure if she does not look the same as others. Always tell your daughter how beautiful she is from the inside, and that will translate to how she looks outside.

All these may sound easier said than done. But as long as you are real in your intention to make your daughter feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin, you should be able to make her feel good about herself, exactly as she is.

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