Created Emerald Jewelry – Affordable and Fashionable

One of the world’s most valuable gems is Emerald – the birthstone for May. Long associated with ancient religious cultures, emerald has been highly prized for thousands of years because it represents the eternal renewal of Spring and color of life. Emerald’s uninterrupted reign as the queen of jewels continues today as it remains a sought-after precious gem whose value traditionally surpasses diamond, ruby and sapphire. Even so, you can wear this beautiful gem without paying a fortune by choosing created emerald.

Created Emerald is a man-made gem, developed in a laboratory setting under similar conditions as found in nature. It is an exciting gemstone alternative if you want Emerald beauty and sparkle without making a huge investment in purchasing natural stone – especially for holiday or birthday gift-giving.

Of all the lab grown gems, emerald benefits most from synthetic production. Created emerald has the same qualities as natural stone, but possesses more vivid color and few or no inclusions. Large, clear stones are produced and sold at a fraction of cost as genuine emerald – providing many fashion jeweler buyers with incredibly affordable designs they could not otherwise afford. The manufacturing process has become so refined, synthetic stones that rival natural gems are also produced – look-alike inclusions and all.

For value and sizzle, lab created emerald is a very popular choice for the impressive but incredibly affordable engagement ring. Man-made emerald is not only colorfully fresh, but strikingly sophisticated when set with complimenting natural or synthetic diamonds. Depending upon gem choices and ring design, Created Emerald bridal jewelry offers unbeatable value, cost-savings and fine quality for budget-conscious newlyweds.

Today, there are many stunning pieces of Created Emerald jewelry on the market with starting prices near-to or under $100.00. For birthstone jewelry and holiday gifts, Created Emerald is a favorite for eye-catching stud earrings. Depending upon the size of the stones, keepsake earrings set in 14K gold are commonly available in the $100.00 price range. And matching rings can be found for around $150.00 – providing a treasured emerald set at rock bottom prices.

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